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Nov 2017 - lets get to 51% Initiated by

Design by Ben Meirovitz & Yonatan Zur

Are you an established high-tech entrepreneur, investor or important part of the eco-system?


Want to join the 51 revolution and help female entrepreneurs break that glass ceiling?

We appreciate anyone who wants to help.

But to stay impactful and meaningful for our fellow female entrepreneurs, we must set some basic guidelines.

To join our page, you should be -


  • An entrepreneur who raised over $2M and have over 5 people in your company.

  • An Investor - partner at a VC, or an associate with over 2 years experience at a VC, or an angel investor with proven track record in the industry and recent investments.

  • Service providers - partner at your firm, or have very serious proven track record in the high-tech industry.

  • Freelancers and consultants - you should have an established business, with real and proven track record.


Feel ready to join? Contact Boaz or Yonatan!

  • Did you know women owned only 5% of startups in 2016? Here at 51 percent we already have around 35% women contributors! 

  • Only 7 percent of partners at top 100 venture capital firms are women.

  • In 2016, venture capitalists invested just $1.46 billion in women-led companies. Male-led companies earned $58.2 billion in investments. 

  • Women hold only 11 percent of executive positions at Silicon Valley companies